Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Portable Bible School

I have a guest blogger today....the ex-con.

I have a new role of being at home a lot more with the new baby, so I'm living vicariously through my husband at the moment.

Here's what he wrote:

Last Monday morning, I drove north an hour to an area called Terego.  I went with a friend who was teaching a Portable Bible School (PBS) that the Anglican Diocee Youth Department hosts every year.  This PBS is an intensive Bible teaching course, and I am in constant dialogue, throughout the year, with some of the leaders.  I was going to the PBS to observe, see what they do, how they do it, and to learn.  The PBS had 32 students attending and 4 leaders that are teaching the lessons.  The students go through each book of the Bible (OT and NT), how to do evangelism, and much, much, more.

When we arrived at the PBS, they asked me if I would teach some of the sessions.  I was interested, but I wanted to know what they wanted me to teach.  They said, "We know your heart and commitment to discipleship and want you to teach us about discipleship." 

I gladly accepted to have this opportunity to teach 32 students and challenge 4 leaders.  I taught the rest of Monday (over 6 hours) and over half of Tuesday (over 6 hours).  

Unfortunately, I needed to leave on Tuesday afternoon because I had a Bible storying group back in Arua.


The PBS runs until February 2.  Tomorrow, I leave for Terego again.  They have asked me to come teach some more, and I'm very excited.  Pray for these students to hear what God wants them to hear and for me to share what God wants me to share.


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