Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tuesday Story Group

Another post from my husband:
I met Godfrey at a church that was hosting a conference that my friends had asked me to come to.  I went, and as usual, they sat me with the teachers and leaders up front.   (This happened first in 2010.  and again here).  This is ALWAYS an uncomfortable experience, being treated special and better than everyone else.  I am never a spectator here, which is probably the way I always ought to live.  Thankfully, God continues to use moments like this to remind me of how I ought to live, and I need all the help I can get.  

 At the end of the conference, it is also customary to give the American an opportunity to bless everyone with a "word."  I was asked if I had anything to share with the group.

Sharing, giving, saying a "word" is a big deal here.  After listening for hours there was plenty I could have said, but God laid something specific on my heart about a relationship between husband and wife.

I shared, and as usual, jaws laid gaping open after what this crazy American said.  Afterwards, I said goodbyes and walked to my car to find about 5 students between my car and me.  One of them walked up to me and said, “I have never heard anyone teach like you and say the things you just said.  Will you teach me?”

That was close to 7 months ago, and I have gotten to know the heart of this man, Godfrey, who walked up to me that day.

Back in November of 2012, Godfrey and I were walking and talking and he said, “I want you to train me, and when you go out to do ministry, I want to go with you, to do ministry along side of you.”  We had a great conversation, and thus began the Bible storying training with Godfrey and some people he was already trying to invest in and do ministry with.  I am just trying to be faithful with all that God has given me.  He is good!

The Bible storying training group that forced me to leave Portable Bible School was with Godfrey.  I thought this was going to be a group of 6-10, but it has turned out to be a group of 3…kind of.  Godfrey (25 yrs old) is the leader of the group.  Night is a 20-22 yr old mom.  They are both really good at storying and pick it up really quickly.  They are also both faithful to share the story with other people each week.  There is another girl named Annette who is much younger, and she really struggles with the stories.  She has not been able to say one from beginning to end yet.

Godfrey sitting in the chair; Night the lady in red, and Annette in the front left of the picture

Night's daughter who was very sick last time I was there.  Pray that she returns to full strength.
Pray that Godfrey and Night would become trainers of other trainers. Also lift up Godfrey as he goes back to school in February.  He attends a “Christian” school, but he is persecuted for his beliefs there because they are not the “cultural” norm.

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