Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where is Truth?

We have a friend who came on Sunday afternoons to learn Truth.

 He always brought his camera, and he asked me to take pictures with his camera and with mine.

 He wanted it well-documented that a Christian took the time to share knowledge and Truth with him.

 He brought his holy book and a list of questions every time.

He also told us what poses to have in each picture.

I LOVE how his face lights up when Truth registers and the light comes on, especially when it's to a question he has had for a long time, and he finally sees the answer in the Word of God.

We really enjoyed our time and conversations with him.  I only wish we had more time.   Pray for his heart as he wrestles with what to do with the Truth he learned.

I hope this is an encouragement for you to talk to people who think and believe differently than you.  And I hope you feel that you can share what you believe with them in a loving way.

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Cara said...

Good post. Love that he made y'all pose. Miss your face like nothing else! <3