Saturday, July 20, 2013

Story Group

My head is about to explode with all the posts I want to write, so I'd better get caught up on the past so I can move to the present.

 This post is just for you to get a closer look at some faithful disciples in Arua. Plus, as an added bonus, you can see how much Keira was a distraction for them.

 The guys in the group, especially, all took turns holding her over and over, letting her play with their lips, eyeballs, and anything else in their face she could poke or grab.

 I even have more pictures of different stages of her growth that show them with her as they would come over weekly.

 Sweet, sweet people and friends!

Taban James
Richard Kana

Medline holding Keira while James and Medline's tall husband David look on

Mawa James

More Richard

One night after Bible study...all the kids with Richard

Beautiful Medline

Muffin (left) and Betty (right)

Caleb photo-bombing David and Medline

Everyone except Richard, Sunday, and Eric, who arrived later

If you ever think of these faces or names, pray for them to continue to be faithful.

Richard and Taban have been traveling every Saturday to a town north of Arua to minister to people from their home tribe.  They sacrifice a lot to go, but they have continued to be faithful to train a new church plant in the stories that they learned from Doug.

James has been sharing with some motorcycle taxi drivers and others he comes in contact with.

Betty is home with a new baby girl, but she has been faithful to share with her mom, her children, and those that live around her.

All of their names are:  David, Medline, Richard, James, Eric, Sunday, Betty, Muffin, Taban

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