Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebration and Goodbyes

In May, our colleagues had a going-away party for us at their house.

Two tents were set up.


Chairs were unloaded.

A pig was cooked.

Enya (the local food) was made.

(no picture...sorry)

People came.

Speeches were given.



Eric Allen

Rev. Alice


Food was eaten.

And pictures were taken as we visited with friends and said goodbyes.

As a side note. Pasca called me yesterday (8/8) to tell me her husband died.  Pray for her and her 4 kids.

It was so much fun to have so many friends in one place.  
Here are a few of the things that were written or told to us:

*Kathryn, when i received Dougs Message of farewell i felt am going to miss alot of thing. I started thinking about the time we had together with Doug in learning stories from the Bible and how those stories have transformed me spiritual. These days i can stand to preach the word of God withought fear beause of doug, i can preach how to get into right relationship with God through Jesus and the right Baptism and many many others i have real learned.  i have real appreciate your work may God be with you and bless you. 

 *your family has really challenged me.

     After giving me a gift, my friend said, "This is not enough.  You have given me everything.  You gave me salvation and a Bible and everything."  
     I said, "I didn't give you salvation.  God did."
     Then she said, "But you gave me life in His Word.  You taught me, encouraged me, and if I ever need anything or feel down, you have left me His Word."

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