Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Rice Dilemma

In America, buying rice was never a "dilemma, but here, I can't seem to figure out the differences between all of my choices.

Have you ever seen rice options like this where you live?

It's a bit overwhelming for me.  

My dad is not a rice connoisseur, but he really likes rice, and I'm sure even he would be confused on this aisle.

AND most of the rice comes in huge bags.  I have to really search to find a small one.

Didn't I tell you the story of my neighbor coming over to teach me how to make rice like they make it?  She brought 4 cups of rice and wondered if it would be enough for my family!!

They eat a LOT of rice here.

Two things I see most people buying in bulk here are rice and oil. 

When oil is on sale, "one" of a couple's grocery carts will be full of BOXES of oil. 

I can't even imagine.

Our country tries so hard not to use too much oil in our cooking, so when I see this, I'm flabbergasted.

What I didn't tell you about the rice she came to make at my house was how she finished it off and why it is so good!

When the rice is almost done, they drain it, and then add salt and a boiling 1/2 cup or more of hot oil, cooking it for a few more minutes.

Now you know the secret for not getting your rice to stick.  Just add a cup of oil or lard substitute that you have on hand, and you're good to go.

As a former teacher, I was awed by this field trip I saw taking place at the grocery store.  There were several teachers with different groups of kids walking around writing notes down on their clip boards.

Here, two groups were merging.

It looks rather organized and calm, but it wasn't.  I even spoke to the male teacher who looked rather stressed, and he said it was "quite the day."  They were loud, and the children didn't always stay with their teacher.


Anyway, the grocery store had just opened, which is the best time for me to go and be able to think, so I also got a picture of what the yogurt looks like in the deli before it's been scooped out.

Pretty, huh?

Most people do their shopping in the evening, and it's mostly men.  In fact, one day when I went to the store, I couldn't find a female anywhere.  The cashiers were men, the baggers were men, the shoppers were men, the deli workers were men, the bakers were men, etc. 

This is VERY normal. 

I was glad when Doug finished his shopping at the digital store and came back to join me.  I figured out my rice dilemma; we checked out; and went home, enjoying the fact that we did not have a group of elementary kids shopping at the mall with us that morning.

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