Thursday, November 3, 2016

Here's Your Sign

Here's a sign that I live in a pretty trust-worthy country...maybe.

OR...maybe people are just more afraid of the consequences if they're caught.

I was checking out at a local store, and sitting right below the checker's screen were bundles of bills.

Because right within arm-reach of the customer is a great place to store extra cash, right?

And speaking of signs.  I wouldn't have enough time to take pictures of all the signs I see that make me smile, but sometimes I do stop for a click of the camera.

I think the language you and I share is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn.  The spelling rules in English are weird sometimes, right?

If English was your second language, I'm sure some of the rules would get confusing sometimes

Here are some examples:

And some just make me laugh. 

I don't know what this translates as, and I know it's spelled different than our "sewer," but it still brings to mind not-so-pleasant sights and smells, so I have not ventured to try this yet.

And then I wonder who does spell check for some of these companies.

Of course, this could be Turkish for "juice."  I really don't know, but it makes me smile.

And then there's this....

Wait a minute.

I got you on the last one.  I've been saving this one for two years.

That was actually a sign from a bathroom in AMERICA at the school where one of my kids attended.

I thought I was back in Africa for a moment there and I was tempted to not let any of my child's friends touch me with their left hand.

But I digress.

Texting here is a "sign" from a whole 'nother ball game.

There's no need for a ton of explanation on this, because it's hard to understand anyway, but I know it must be difficult for them to try to type with our letters.  The grey quotes are from a worker at a local store here.

They are much more comfortable writing like this (even though this is an automated message from the mobile company), so we are getting better and better at reading and writing in this script, as well.

You'd be great at it too.

See that writing where the lemon slice is?  It says, "lemone."

And below that where the lemon and lime are put together?  It says, "Spriet."

The spelling is off, but the message is clear.

Here's your sign.

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