Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lunch at the Painter's

 Doug received a call last week from the man that had painted our house back in March.  

He and his wife invited us to lunch.  

Doug explained that three of our kids were in school, but that Keira, he, and I would come.

We walked about a mile, and were welcomed with this beautiful sight.

We wondered who else might be coming for lunch.

Apparently, it was supposed to be our kids. 

Here, the kids go to school six days a week, either half a day in the morning or half a day in the afternoon.

He assumed that since our kids were in school in the morning when he called that they would be out by lunch time.


Guess who got to take home all the leftovers with a bunch of dishes she has to fill and return :)

We stayed for two and a half hours, and Doug and I managed the entire meal in the local language!  They were a fun couple.

Yeah for progress!

(The truth is, if this were language like French or Italian or Turkish that doesn't change when you travel from place to place, we might be a little further along.  As it is, our language helper speaks one dialect, and he teaches us in his local dialect.  Our friends across the street have a language helper that comes from a town 25 miles down the road, and she uses totally different words for everything.  Then, our friends around the corner, have another language helper from a town an hour away, and they are learning different words for everything as well.  People also mix in Arabic whenever they feel like it, so basically, we have to learn about 3 words for everything, because you never know what dialect you will come up against in any conversation.  It's a slow process...)

After lunch, Doug, Keira, and I walked a mile back to the house, and when we reached our gate, I realized I had left my purse at the home of the painter. 

So, I turned around and got some more exercise for the day.

On the way home, I took a different route, and I happened to run into this house again.

I showed you a picture of it here, but I promised you a better one when I could get it.

So there you go.  That's a typical "yard" here.

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