Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cinco de Mayo (a little late)

Karis had a fever on the fourth of May and couldn't go to pre-school on the fifth, so she stayed home with me. For Cinco de Mayo, we took Karis and Kylie to Taco Bell for the very first time (for lunch) and Caleb joined everyone for dinner at another Mexican restaurant.

The girls got such a kick out of seeing a "spork" for the first time. They started thinking up other names for it like "foon," and got the giggles.

When we got home, Kylie wanted the tape out of her science experiment box, so I got it for her, and went back to doing whatever it was I was doing.

When I looked again, this is what she was doing to commemorate her first visit to Taco Bell, and...she still has it. (She is definitely my pack rat - and comes by it honestly).

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lisasmith said...

woo-hoo for Cinco de Mayo...the only day of the year we can eat mexican food all three meals and not be weird!!