Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday was a blur of information

We got on the bus again at 6:50am. That normally wouldn't be so much of a problem, except that all the candidates have been staying up very late in the lobby visiting. It has been so much fun, but it kept me from writing, and it has created a fog over my eyes. All day today (Friday), I worked at keeping them focused and open (as did many other people).

We drove the usual 40 minutes to the IMB, at a wonderful breakfast, and then had devotional time with our small group. I was really blessed by that time, and it ended up being the best part of my day. It was also a great relaxing way to start since our final interviews are today.

Doug's and mine was scheduled first, at 9am, right after devotional. That was okay with me. I was prayed up, continually asking for God's peace, and our interviewer was so kind. He had to ask hard questions about hard topics, and we made it through.

The interview lasted a little over an hour, and then the gentleman told us he would be recommending us to move on to the next step when he met with the regional directors on Friday.

We made it to the end of a presentation on prayer, then we had another two meetings back to back on security and what all medical would need from us and what they would do for us when we returned in October.

If you haven't figured out, this place runs like a well-run machine. There is no down time, no lag time, and they are so efficient at using every minute to give you information you need to make an informed decision. It is much needed, because some couples and/or journeyman back out at this point in the process when they realize the timing is wrong for them after hearing all the information.

We ate lunch and then went over the Field Personnel Manual. It is several hundred pages of information that we have to read cover to cover and sign a paper saying we did so. I'm a third of the way through, but I won't read it on the plane. I'd like to stay awake and read some other material that won't put me to sleep. I only say that because I'm on the Finance section.

Next we attended part of a seminar on raising awareness in missions by visiting churches. Doug and I didn't get to finish it because we had an appointment to take our picture right in the middle of it. Everyone, all day, took turns going to get their pictures made. They go in our interview packet for the board of trustees to see, and they will be used in publications the Baptists put out.

We took a bus back to ILC earlier today because we had meetings out there! We were told what was going to happen when we returned in October and what we would learn. We took a tour of a building we would live in, and then parents of children went to a meeting at the school.

The teachers were so nice, and they covered what would be going on in school from newborns all the way to high school. They are very thorough and very impressive. Kindergarten is the grade that will continue with the most academics. Most everyone else will just do math and writing. All writing and every project is all focused on where they are going.

They are taught about the country they are moving to; they get to try new foods; they do international art projects; they read books on their people group; they are taught how to share Jesus and given chances to practice; older elementary kids take field trips to a mosque and an international market; they learn all the ways they can help their parents on the field; and all through the process, they can express if they are scared or concerned and write about it. The parents were also given great tips on things to do ahead of time to make the transition easier. Truly, this is a great place run with excellence.

We made it to dinner on time with five minutes to spare before the cafeteria closed. Thank goodness - it was Mexican food night! God is so good. What a treat after such a tense day.

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