Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Playing catch-up on news

The next week after this, was kind of slow, in comparison. The highlight was our Tuesday night African fellowship. Everyone going to the Sub-Saharan African Affinity left the training center right after class and headed to a church in town. We went into the fellowship hall where we could hang out and use the kitchen to cook. With the help of several ladies in town who all used to live in Africa, we put together quite a meal.

I was in charge of cooking the chapatis, which was fine with me. A chapati is a type of flat bread that the people of India brought with them when they came to Uganda. It served as our "utensil" for the night (no silverware allowed), so we made a lot of them. I was no good at rolling them out the special way, so I volunteered to man the pan. Doug and some other girls cleaned out a pumpkin and cut it up. It was then brought to the kitchen to be boiled and mashed. Then they cut up a pineapple. At the same time, we had coconut beans (red beans with coconut milk in them), greens, rice, chicken curry, "toe," (a West African dish I can do without) and ugali cooking.

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