Thursday, November 26, 2009

In our spare time...

Let me apologize in advance for all the pictures. These are mainly for the grandparents, but you may enjoy them too, if you want.

We took the kids one weekend to an outdoor mall to walk around, and they enjoyed a little train ride.

A couple of weeks ago we had a really pretty day. Doug played football while Caleb and I sat in the grass. The girls were at a birthday party painting toes and nails and watching an American Girl movie.

A colleague was practicing with his long lens camera, and he snapped a lot of pictures of Caleb without Caleb knowing (that is always best). Here are a couple.

Last weekend, some more of our colleagues invited their friends up who had ponies and horses to ride. It was a great break from just being in class all the time, and the weather was beautiful!

Fall is beautiful here.

Our quad mate, Cara, let the kids participate in her Thanksgiving tradition. They made turkeys out of oreos, fudge, candy corn and red icing, then they ate a few, and delivered the rest to all the quads around us. I think everyone enjoyed it. Here are the results.


Stefanie Kellum said...

I love Oreo turkeys!!!

Laura said...

LOVE the picture of Caleb running with his mouth open!

Cara said...

Your kids can make Thanksgiving turkeys with me ANY DAY! :0) I love you guys. :D

Megan said...

I love the pics! Glad you guys had some fun family memory making time!