Friday, November 13, 2009


The Sub-Saharan African peoples went on a field trip Wednesday night to a Liberian African restaurant. We had the option to get someone to watch our kids, but we and the other family with kids going to Africa, opted to take ours.

We left at 5pm, and of course, hit traffic. I rode in the back of a van with the kids, and with all the stop and go traffic, and the fact that I needed food, I got pretty sick.

I ended climbing up to the 2nd seat and crouched by the door and leaned my head on Kylie’s pillow. Getting out in the cold rain when we arrived refreshed me a little, but not enough.

MaMusu had opened her restaurant just for us, and had made a huge buffet of Liberian food. (Right to Left) White rice to cover with chicken cooked in peanut sauce; jollof rice (supposed to be really spicy, but hers was a little tame); beans and chicken (kind of spicy, but good), and plantains. Sorry the picture is so dark. I didn't feel good enough to re-take it.

Karis and Caleb loved the jollof rice (and I found a recipe on-line), and Doug assures me the chicken in the beans was incredible. I tried it all except the chicken in the peanut sauce and the chicken in the beans. I could only pick at the food, and I was so sad. Kylie enjoyed the peanut sauce and the beans. My favorite was probably the easiest on my tummy – the plantains – plus it reminded me of when my mom makes them.

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