Monday, November 15, 2010

The heat is on

NOTE: This was originally on the bottom of the previous post. I've added a few things, but not that much, so if you got the last one, feel free to pass this up.

The heat here is quite amazing during dry season (end of Nov - April/May).

That illustrious time is sneaking up on us this month and will be in full-force by the beginning of December.

I said several times before moving here, “I can handle the heat in Uganda. I’ve lived in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and it’s hotter in those places than here in me!”

Well...all that is true, BUT, I forgot to think of one small difference.

In the States I had air conditioned to run to at any point in time.

Homes, Wal-mart, church, post office, restaurants, etc.

No, no, no, no, no to all of the above.

I now grocery shop with big sweat rings on my shirt, I mail letters with water dripping off my face; I eat using my napkin for my sweat instead of for my mouth; church is nearly unbearable with all those people so close together.

Anyway, you get the point.

There is no relief except our vehicle which has a bless-ed air conditioner. We usually only drive it one day a week to take the kids to the pool, and when we get in the car, and the kids ask if they can roll the windows down, Doug and I quickly and simultaneously say, "No," during dry season because we just want to have a little taste of that coolness in the vents.

Thank Jesus the hot/dry season is only half a year or else God and I might be having a talk about whether or not He REALLY called me here.

I'm also thanking Jesus that my solar might actually be hooked up soon, because that will mean we can run fans at night when the power for the city goes off. We haven't really needed a fan at night since April, excepting a couple of times. But come December, I want that thing to be able to blow all it can after 11pm.

As a side note...I've been reading my friends’ blogs in India, and the heat there sounds even worse during their dry season – add humidity to it. Yuck! I’ll take a dry heat over a humid heat any day!

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Brandy said...

Heat is heat, girl...and I'm sure it's so hard for you guys. The good thing about India (speaking for us) is that it's SO hot we all have A/C to least at night....if the power is on. We have had to do without it when our power was off though. I cannot imagine not having fans when you're sleeping. I hope your solar gets going!