Saturday, November 20, 2010

I live in a high school football game

I loved going to my high school’s football games. In fact, I love any high school football game. I love the feel of the air on a crisp, cool night (although most nights in Yoakum were more “sticky” than “crisp”); I love the excitement; I love the encouragement that the whole town gives to those young students; and I love hearing the band, especially the drums.

I kind of mourn the fact that my kids aren’t growing up going to high school football games, but then I realized, we sort of live in a “perpetual game” here in Arua.

*On any given day, I can hear drums beating. I don’t know where they originate, but I like it.

*Popcorn is for sale in little plastic bags all around Arua. It is a popular snack for all school children.

*Ladies all over town have their "assigned seat" for where they sell their "goods."

*For political rallies, weddings, or advertising, LOADS of people will get in the back of a truck and ride around town whooping and hollering with music blaring from a bullhorn.

*Football (soccer) games are a common occurrence around town, and I can hear the crowds yelling for their local team as they play.

*Some of the streets look as polluted as the underside of a football stadium.

*And children run around without adult supervision all day long.

So maybe I’ll look at the bright side: An American football game won’t be so foreign to them when they finally see one. They will recognize several parts of it just from living in Arua.

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