Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Delivering Pencils

This is Doug, Kylie, Karis, and Caleb walking to the school where I used to attend Kindergarten classes. My cousin Kristen and I were lagging behind.

A company trustee brought a bunch of pencils that Central Park Elementary in Aberdeen, Washington, and kids from her church collected to be distributed here in Uganda.

The first class we went to was mine and Doug's old Kindergarten class where we used to sit in to learn language.

Yes, this is ONE class. 150 kindergarteners for ONE teacher.

Wouldn't see this picture on the wall in American schools.

While the principal interpreted for me all the words I didn't know, you can see other classes outside hanging on the chain-link covering of the windows...making a lot of noise.

Kindergarten class room #2...not much better...140 students.

We took a break after the kindergarten classes because the principal invited us to her office for a Coke. You can see the hoards of kids following my cousin, Kristin, as she walked in the school yard.

More classes...multiple 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes...all packed out.

Each kid got ONE pencil, and you would have thought they were receiving an ipod touch (if they knew what that was).

The principal liked to get in every picture with each class and their teacher.

You never know what surprises are held for each day.

I was impressed to see this blind boy with a braille typewriter in one of the classes.

Me and Mrs. Karen in her office at the end of all the speeches we gave in each class. I talked about her once before HERE when I attended her step son's wedding last August.

Thank you Audrey for bringing all those pencils to brighten the days of some very special kids, and thank you to all the kids who brought and collected pencils for her to bring. You made some kids very, very happy.

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Brandy said...

Such a fun post. I'm going to remember this when I'm overwhelmed at teaching my few students!