Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things that Rhyme with "At"

I'm a little nervous about sharing this story because my cousin is coming to visit next week, and I don't want her to cancel her flights over this. So, Kristin, just close your eyes for this one. And thankfully, I wasn't thinking straight to get a picture, so I'll spare you the visual.

On the weekends, I like to sleep later than normal. My children have been told to not wake me unless they are bleeding or dying. Nice Mom, huh?

Anyway, this last weekend, Caleb comes in and says, "Mom. Mom. I want to show you something."

"Caleb, you should not wake me up to show me something. I'll look at it when I get up."

"But Mom, it's in the bathroom. Can you just come and see."

All I could think of was that he might have missed the toilet, and he accidentally wet the floor and needed help cleaning it up.

I didn't grab my glasses, but I slowly made my way to the bathroom.

Caleb wouldn't get close to the toilet. He just pointed.

I said, "Is the floor wet? Do you need me to clean it up?"

He said, "I think something is in there. I think it's a baby crocodile."


I said, "Where?"

He said, "In the toilet."

I leaned over, and I could tell there was a big-something there, but without my glasses, I couldn't tell what.

I leaned closer, and I saw it move, and then I saw it's face.

It was a 7 inch rat completely filling the hole.

I have seen two mice in the last week. One in the living room and one in the kitchen.

They could have been the same one, but nevertheless, they were tiny, and the only thing they have eaten is a little bit of bread, avocado, or mango left on the counter.

THIS guy looked like he swallowed a mango, whole. I had never seen one this large.

Anyway, guess what I did?

I broke the weekend rule.

I went and woke Doug up. I mean what could I do, right?

In comes Doug, and he tries to flush it.

Nope. Still there.

Then he tries to drown it with the plunger.

He could feel it wiggling underneath, and then when he felt nothing, so he pulled up the plunger, and there was nothing there.

It was gone.

Back down the pipes.

I'm hoping he finds his way into our yard, because there is no way he's getting past my mouse-killing, lizard-killing, guinea fowl-killing, chicken-killing dogs.

So, I had a rat in my toilet this weekend. No big deal, right?

And last year, around this time, I had a bat fly out of the toilet while I was sitting on it. If you missed that post, it's HERE.

OK. So the next time this happens, I'm just praying it's a "hat" or a "mat" that find their way out of the toilet, and not a CAT.

I'm almost done with the "AT" words.


The Spears Family said...

I don't know which I would've preferred - crocodile or rat. I'm thinking baby croc maybe???? And way to go Caleb for breaking the rule when necessary.

Megan said... household rule-always check before you go

Cara said...

The Spears Family asks a good question. However, it might have been more difficult to flush/plunge a croc. Less malleable and all. lol. Y'all are awesome. :D

P.S. It was bleeding or broken bone with my mom and I think I turned out okay. *twitch* ;)

Melodie said...

Can you think of things that rhyme with "ake"? We are in a SEVERE drought here and I watched a rather large King snake crawl out of a hole in the wall where our cable goes to the TV. Needless to say he is now a dead snake and Mike is patching the hole.

Jan said...

I would like to say that this is funny and maybe it is at YOUR house but I hate rats(and anything that looks like one). I hope we never have one here. Caleb was brave to go back in there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next will be a cat that ate the rat that ate the bat that swallowed a gnat, imagine that! You may need to send Caleb and Doug on a safari to find screen to put over the drain and pipe hole.