Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Maama Kits

One afternoon in May, Kylie and I biked to Jack’s house (my piki driver) after I found out his wife, Gus, was pregnant. After giving her a Maama Kit, I stopped on the way home to buy cabbage on the side of the road.

By the way, I have no idea what I was doing buying a cabbage, without a market bag, while riding a bike, but I did it. Thankfully, I ran into a friend I call “Mama Rose.” She offered me her plastic grocery sack.

I know she was going to buy food, but I really needed that sack, and she was offering...

You also have to know that people here charge you for sacks sometimes, so you always try to carry one with you. It was totally a non-thinking day for me.

Mama Rose has two pregnant daughters, and she wanted Maama Kits for them. She had heard I had them, but she was afraid I would make her pay for them. She hugged me so hard when I told her they were free, just like God’s love. After talking some more. I left her smiling on the side of the road.

Kylie and I biked home, got the kits, and God told me I should ride back to give them to her instead of waiting until we would meet again in 2 days. She was so happy (AND I returned her grocery sack AND gave her three extras)!

This happened back in May.

When she saw me last week, she told me one of her girls had had a boy in Kampala and she wanted me to write down a name on a piece of paper so she could give it to her daughter to name her son.

I wanted to laugh.

This lady wanted me to name her grandchild, when I had never even met the mother. Of course, many children here are given multiple names. It doesn't mean that whatever I name it will be how it is known, but it was just the thought. Wow!

This last month, I met Scoviah. She came to my house for a Maama Kit.

She is 18. Not married. And she had to drop out of school until the baby comes.

She's in 5th grade.

She wants to go back after the baby is born.

David, a pastor in town, brought his wife by to see Doug while I was in Kampala with the kids.

I think it's awesome that Doug is handing out Maama Kits, too.

Maama kits yield a return.

I had a repeat "customer" in June.

Christine (Alice's sister) came by to show me Letasi Onyiru Marion.

I had given her a Maama kit earlier.

Isn't she beautiful?

Here is Alice, proudly holding her neice.

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