Monday, April 22, 2013

Baseball for the Boys and more Softball for the Girls!

On another day, Doug and the baseball guys, introduced baseball and softball for the first time at another school in town.

Everyone came out for the presentation.

 (Above) These are some of the guys and gals Doug plays with.  They came for the presentation and to show some basic baseball skills to the "newbies."

The guy in the front row with the blue checkered shirt and camo ball cap is Wamba.  He's been with Doug since the beginning and been faithful to stick around.

Watching and waiting.

The girls receiving softballs.

Wamba showing off his stance.

Checking out a batting helmet for the first time.

You have to admit, a batting helmet is a little strange the first time you see one or put one on.

You can see my kids' fascination HERE

Now the gloves...

Receiving gloves

Posing with all the new equipment.

NOW, for the learning...

This was day one, but Doug and his guys have met with them since to play a practice game, teach the rules, and show basic skills.  More importantly, they heard the Word of God through a story that Doug told.

Thanks again to all of you who either brought or sent equipment. These are just some of the blessings given from your bounty.  And your equipment allowed a door to be opened to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and His free gift of love and salvation with more students.


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