Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goat...part 2

Our neighbors have a goat roast every year on Easter Monday, and they invite all their friends.

I blessed you last year in my newsletter with the picture of the goat we had the opportunity to eat from, and several of you were so *glad* I had done that.  None of you mentioned the fact that you lost your lunch or anything (cough, cough).

This post was from 2010, if you want to refresh your mind.

Anyway, since you appreciated it so much in the past, I had Doug take his camera to the goat roast again this year....just for you.  And he got some really great close-ups!

Now that you are feeling oh, so good, let me share the better part of the day with you.

Our family photographer...

And some of the lovely ladies who were there...

If you've noticed my lack of blogs, let me tell you the main reason... lack of pictures.

I lost my camera battery charger at Christmas, so my camera has been dead ever since. I can't get a new charger until I get to America, so I've been relying on Doug to take all the photos.

He's done a great job taking pictures where he goes, but I haven't done very good at keeping up with the writing part. Sorry.

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