Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Body of Christ

Are any of my fellow bloggers shocked that anyone besides their mother reads their blog?

When my blog counter says that over 20,000 people have visited my blog, and it shows it was read from different places on the globe, I start to think, "Ummm,  my mom couldn't have visited all those locations, could she have?"

There has been proof that my close friends read it because they comment on my blog or email me their comments, which I love.

But this week, I got proof that another person actually read it.

I met this man last August when he came to Arua with a few from his church to help us with our student camp.  (He is the man in the blue striped shirt in the first photo).  Or here. (He's in the first picture, leading us in the Lord's Supper).  He is a worship/missions pastor in Florida.

This week, he said he saw on my blog that I needed a battery charger for my camera, AND he said he was getting on a plane in less than 24 hours to come to Arua!  I was kind of bummed, because I knew I didn't have time to overnight a batter charger through the mail, but when I told him my concerns, he said to give him the model number of the battery, and he would go look for it.




Well, no kidding...about one hour ago, he showed up at my gate, with his wife, and handed me a battery charger from Florida.  AND he said that his choir at his church, bought it for me!

I'm blown away.  (I don't have a picture to show you because it's still charging :)

I'm in awe that God loves me so much that He takes care of the smallest concerns of mine.  He wanted to bless me today, and he used the body of Christ from Florida to do that.

If you don't know my Jesus and my God, you ought to ask me about them or check them out yourself in the book of John.  He loves you, knows you, and wants to be your everything!


Cara said...

Get out. That is WAY sweet of GOD and that man and his choir! So very glad you saw His love demonstrated like that today. :)

Nancy said...

Love that story. Can't wait to see you when you come through Baton Rouge!

14 Beautiful Feet said...

Love this!
PS Keep writing, we're still reading!