Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Bigger Bazaar

The heat is coming, and we needed some sun block-out curtains.

I asked a friend to take Kylie and me across town to the large market where we bought our doshaks.

She obliged, and we marched off with measurements of several windows and high hopes of finding what we needed.

We talked to a couple of vendors/tailors who sold fabric to find out what it would cost to make curtains for our windows.


Kylie's room alone was about $120.

Keep walking.  Keep walking.

We ended up at the used curtain booths.  They are hung really high, and you can look and see if they have any color that you need.

There were SIXTEEN identical grey ones that were very nice (a hotel or something must have cleaned out).  We bought eight of them for under $60, and we were able to outfit two rooms with them!

...And we bought some gaudy maroon ones for our sitting room.  We were told that it's good to decorate like they would in the room where they will be sitting.

I actually like them.  They ARE Maroon, after all :)

We immediately went to a tailor to get him to sew a strip to the top of the maroon ones so I could hang them in a special way in the sitting room.  We also bought hooks and rings for the grey ones.

He was so nice.

He wasn't going to charge us, but I paid him anyway.

After see the results of our trip, Doug decided we should go look again and see if we could find more for the other rooms.

We found a large maroon and white one (are you seeing a theme here?) for our room, and found some fabric pieces that would work well in the large school/sitting room upstairs.

We decided to go see the tailor again that we had met the day before.  He smiled, and understood my sign language of what I wanted.  I needed the fabric pieces hemmed on each end, with a special strip sewed at the top again.

He asked his assistant to sew for us, and he visited with us in our limited language.

He brought Keira some ponytail holders with animals on them, and seeing her delight, grabbed her hand and took her to a dukan around the corner.

She came back with 10 golden bracelets, which he sat down and put on her arm.

He told us he had 8 kids, so I guess he's used to this.

This bazaar is MUCH larger than the one where we bought our dress material.  It is SO easy to get lost in.

I took pictures down a few "hallways," to try and give you a small idea of what it's like.

Here's the "gold" hallway.

Notice the ditch of water that runs through each hallway.  This one is one of the few that's covered.  As the day goes on, it gets pretty gross, and I'm always afraid Keira's foot is going to end up in it.

This looks like the "luggage" hallway.

And the "shoe" hallway..

Food vendors...

More shoes..

Kitchen wares...

It can be overwhelming, so why not treat yourself to a $1 "pizza" when you're done.

Doug gets all my appreciation for our curtains because he had to drill holes into cinder blocks/cement to hang all the curtains in six rooms in the house.  This also included several trips to hardware dukans for poles, screws, and whatever else he needed.

He did a fabulous job!

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