Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let's do it again!

Happy Mother's Day!

The mother-in-law of the girl that we had the graduation picnic for (and the same lady who cooked ALL the dolma), must have had such a good time at the picnic, because she asked us if we wanted to have an all-girl picnic two days later, on Saturday (sans fancy dresses).

Kylie made a dessert; I got hot water in a thermos ready for tea;  and we took a blanket so that with three blankets, there would be enough room to spread out.  There were 18 of us, and we all traveled together in one van!!

We drove back to that same park where we had been a couple of days earlier, and unloaded the car and walked to a shady spot.

After setting everything up, we hadn't been there 15 minutes, when the oldest lady suggested we eat.  I was expecting an early dinner, but instead, she pulled out the desserts!


The kids played.

The older girls walked around.

And the ladies and I visited.

I didn't say much, but I followed most of what was going on by recognizing a word or two here or there.

After about 30 minutes, the matriarch brought out the hot dolma she had made.  There wasn't even a kernel of rice left when we were done.

Then came the fruit and tea.

Karis had been walking around for the first dessert go-around, and she wanted desserts with her fruit, so I got them out for her...honestly...they were just for her. 

The sky turned a beautiful blue.  I wish this photo could have captured it's beauty.

Fruit and tea.

It was a fun afternoon, and the temperature dropped considerably after the sun went down, so we all felt refreshed as we drove home.

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