Saturday, February 18, 2017

Most Good Things Must Come to an End

Well, we know that not ALL good things come to an end, but for vacations, this is simply not true.

Our short two nights away was a lot of fun and much-needed, but we knew we needed to head back down the mountain, into the valley.

We can't always live on the mountain top, right?

Here comes our ride back down.

Our chariot.

We made it down the mountain, loaded up the car, and went to see a nearby waterfall.

It used to be covered with a few ramshackle buildings that included a place to sit and drink tea.  
The buildings looked VERY shaky and thankfully have been torn down. 

There were many men working on new construction.  
It looked like a firm foundation was being built at the base of the waterfall, and a new tourist/resort place is currently being constructed.

We look forward to seeing the finished product.

In the meantime, we took a few selfies in front of the construction.

The End.

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