Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Center of the City

We had a guest the third week of January, and we took her to see the center of the city.  This cute girl went with us. 

She loves to see the fountains, but unfortunately, they weren't on.  Maybe the winter weather and the cold has kept them from being turned on.

Many people were out in the sunshine, enjoying a day of nice weather.

 I started noticing all the little places downtown where they sell tea for men to drink.

All of the chairs were set in rows. 

Can you see all the men sitting in rows of plastic chairs across the street?

It's nothing much, but I thought it was interesting because in the States we would gather in circles to visit and converse.

This was only my second time to come downtown since arriving here a year ago. 

There is a big bazaar and lots of places to eat and drink tea, but I definitely feel like it's kind of a man's world down here. 

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