Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Killing Fields

Yesterday's post ran long, and I forgot to post about a mandatory class here that all high schoolers at their school have to take.


When my 9th grader started off the year in Government, I thought it was strange, since that was a senior-level class for me.  I only assumed that the second semester would be Economics.

Silly me. 

Something tells me we aren't in Kansas anymore.

Genocide was her second semester class.

These are just a few of the essay questions and definitions that she had to know for her last exam.

*List and briefly describe the 8 stages of genocide.
*What was the Holocaust?
*What symbols did the Nazis put on homosexuals/Jews during WWII?
*Why were the Armenian Christians, Jews, and Kurds targeted?
*Why were the Rohingya Muslims, Yazidis, and African Americans targeted?
*How were the Tutsis classified by the Hutus? 
*What happened in Cambodia after the Vietnam conflict?
*List 2 ways Nazi Germans killed Jews during WWII.
*Give 2 definitions of genocide by 2 different researchers or professors.
*How many people were killed in the Ukrainian famine?
*Which genocide is illegal to talk about in the country which such genocide occurred?
*What does "Anfal" mean?  Who led and carried out the campaign and why?
*What 3 forms of discrimination did the Armenian Christians face during WWI?
*Which group entered India and created Hinduism?
*List and describe the Caste system.
*Define polytheism, monotheism, animism, and atheism.

I actually learned a lot helping her study.  George Santayana was right, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Our earth seems to be in a vicious cycle, so maybe a study on genocide isn't so bad.

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