Sunday, April 2, 2017

Life in a Taxi (Vol. 1)

I ride in a lot of taxis.

After 8 months of taxi riding, I finally decided to take pictures to entertain you with the "inside" of the taxis.

I started taking pictures in September, having Keira (mostly) pose for me so you could see some of the interiors.

This is the one time all six of us rode in the back.  Usually Doug rides up front, but this particular time, we had a male guest with us, and we allowed him to ride in the front. 

It's generally a good practice for females not to ride in the front next to the driver.  We've even ridden with 5 and 6 girls in the back to avoid a female getting in the front seat.

 Below is the first picture I took for you because it's the most common way taxis are "covered." 

In houses, the people like to leave stickers covering the drains and window panes, so they will always appear "new," but the irony is that they never take them off to see the "new."

This idea of plastic in the taxi is also to keep the taxi looking "new" and protect it from dirt and dust.


 Some use material.

You can even see the seat belt covered in plastic behind Keira.

 Some just cover the seats and benches with material.

Or pleather.

And, of course, there are non-working screens in many.

I'll have more to show you when I write "Life in a Taxi (Vol. 2)"

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