Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Birthday with Legos

I'm a little late posting about Caleb's birthday.

It was in January.

Caleb asked for only one thing.  So he pooled his money with money from both grandparents, and he had this box sent here.  It didn't arrive till February, but that didn't dampen his spirits.

In less than 24 hours, Caleb had constructed his tower.

And a rather tall version of Tree Beard.

Watching Caleb construct those creations while Lego pieces were scattered all over the living room floor, gave me some thoughts about people who know and follow Yeshua. 

These are a few ways I think we are similar to Legos.

We all need a good foundation.

We need to stay connected.

It helps that some of us are more colorful than others.

Even seemingly insignificant pieces are Significant.

And if you've ever stepped on a Lego, you know that sometimes people/life (or legos) hurt us.

Here's to not stepping on any "Legos" today.

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14 Beautiful Feet said...

LOVE that set. Well done and HBD!