Saturday, March 18, 2017

Everyone's a Winner

Two weeks ago, we had parent/teacher conferences at the kids' schools.  The Sports teacher hadn't realized it was going to be parent/teacher conference day, and he scheduled a soccer tournament for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for after "school."

Since the kids didn't have school, I wasn't sure how many would show up, but there was pretty good male attendance.  I asked the Sports teacher where the soccer facility was, and he said he didn't know??

I wanted to say, "Didn't you plan this?"

Anyway, he was getting dropped off by another teacher, and he said if I got to the school early, I could follow them.

I took Caleb and Karis, but I wasn't sure I could find it again if I left, so I stayed in the car and studied language.  I got out twice to take pictures, but "someone" gave me the eye that I should stop taking pictures.

This is Caleb's 5th grade (looks like all boys) during penalty kicks.

Karis was the only 7th grade girl that came until the last few minutes (she is running on the far right side), and then her friend (and partner from the science fair) showed up (in purple).
When you have such varying ranges, the results seem kind of natural.  8th grade got first, but surprisingly, 6th got 2nd, then Caleb's 5th grade was third, and last was Karis' 7th grade.

And similar to what you see where you live...everyone got a medal.  Craziness!
This stadium is obviously a different color from the yellow one where they played.  I drove Caleb here after his school game because he had soccer practice in about an hour, and it would have been too difficult to drive to where we live and back again.   (This is where Caleb plays soccer three days a week.) 

It used to be blue, but on this particular day, they were putting on a new cover.  Can you see the man on top attaching the pieces together?

It kind of fascinated me, so I watched for a while before I drove off.

Caleb's field gets a new cover;
no school because of parent/teacher conferences;
all soccer tournament participants get a medal...
everyone's a winner.

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