Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tiny Dancer

I had the privilege one Saturday morning of watching Kylie teach a ballet class of 4 and 5 year old's.  

The teacher she usually assists called with a family emergency and asked if Kylie could take the class by herself on this particular day.

I went with Kylie to start and stop the music, so she wouldn't have to run back and forth to the computer, Karis went to help assist little ones who needed to go to the bathroom, and Keira thought she would go and just try out the class.

Kylie did such an amazing job.  She is a natural at leading. There were two moms that sat in the class because their kids were a little shy at times to participate, and that didn't seem to rattle her at all.  There were also a handful of undisciplined girls, and she handled them calmly, but firmly.  I was blessed to get to see her in action.

I looked at these pictures later, and saw how happy Keira was to be in her leotard, dancing around with girls her age.

The next week, Kylie went back to teaching, and we didn't mention it to Keira, and Keira was a little sad and said she would really like to take ballet.

So, the following week, I took her back and signed her up.  Kylie says she's easily the best behaved kid in the class, and even though Keira tells me how "loud" class is every week, she still loves going.

Now, we have three ballerinas in the family, and all three will be in the "Aladdin" production in May.

I'll let you know if I can get Keira to go out on that big stage, and yes, grandparents, I will make a video for you :)

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