Monday, March 13, 2017

Washed White as Snow

Now that it's starting to look and feel like spring, I thought I'd reminisce about our first snow on February 1.  It only lasted a few hours, but my kids thought it was pretty monumental.  All but one jumped out of bed quicker than I had ever seen, and ran downstairs, grabbing only a coat or sweatshirt to put on over their pajamas.

Keira rushed so much, she got her boots on the wrong feet :)

I wish I rolled out of bed looking like this.

Karis finally made it down, but she was still half-asleep, bless her heart.  The snow actually shows up the best on her dark hair and sweatshirt.

I also don't know how she got up later and the sky appears darker in the picture of her.  I'm sure it has to do with the skill of the picture-taker.  Or maybe the first pictures I took were when she came down.

I don't know.

I can't even remember what I ate for dinner yesterday. 

Snow apparently can actually transform our neighborhood to appear a little bit beautiful.

The used up hay and foam on our roof from our swamp coolers even looks a lot nicer covered in snow.

 Definitely not Norman Rockwell quality, but better than normal...

 EXCEPT for the chicken/turkey coop next door.  I took a peek over the wall of our roof just to see how the chickens were doing, and it still doesn't look any better down there.

This is it, folks.  This median shows the extent of our snowfall. 

It was sad and beautiful all at the same time.  But those of you who live in places where it "really " snows have the benefit of seeing what I could only imagine.  

A clean, blanket of fallen snow.  

It covers all the dirt, trash, and ugliness and everything becomes glorious.  Just like our lives, when He covers our sins and washes them white as snow.

What a sweet, visual picture and good reminder.

Hang onto that thought today.  If you are found in Him, all the sin, secrets, ugliness, and dirt of your life is covered by His blood.

And it's beautiful!

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