Friday, May 26, 2017

Dinner AND a Show

The last time we tried dinner and a movie on the roof was New Year's Eve.  It was FREEZING!

We decided to try it again on a nice Spring evening, and it was wonderful weather.  Doug had some material sewn together in the market, and we propped it up with our Christmas tree pole.

Doug had a nice fire going, and it made a perfect romantic atmosphere for the Chick Flick....

 "The Lego Batman Movie."  😄

After a long week, all of us fell asleep during the movie except Doug.  He helped carry Keira downstairs, and Caleb and Karis got up and walked down.  I slept with Kylie on the roof until 3am, and then my hip was feeling the cement more than I would like, so I headed down.

The morning after, I went up to check on Kylie.

The fire was out

and so was Kylie.

The sun comes up around 4:30am, so I was impressed that she was still sleeping.

Dinner and a show #2:  Successful

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Tyler Slay said...

This post makes me miss living with you guys so much