Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Look Mom, Grass!"

You know you live in the desert, when your child gets overly excited about seeing grass.

However, I can't blame her. 

Cool, green grass is a beautiful thing. 

Especially on your toes.

We were at a car dealership looking at vehicles.  Keira and I went outside a little before Doug, and she said, "Look Mom, grass!  Can I play in it?"

I said, "Absolutely."

She giggled and oohed and ahhed when the cool, long blades curled around her sandals and hit her feet.

 She ran back and forth.

 Oops.  Stop.  Smell the roses.

Ok.  Run some more.

Basically, this is a service announcement for you to remind you not to take grass for granted, and a service announcement for me so I will take my daughter to the park more often!

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