Thursday, May 25, 2017

Things I see (Vol. 1)

At random times during my life here, I think to myself, "That's different."  

So before life gets too commonplace, I thought I would start sharing things that grabbed my attention during our first year here.

Like, it's really difficult to tell what you bought and what you paid for each item at a store.  
I still read this script really slow, so it would take me all day to translate my grocery receipt.

This truck of mattresses reminded me of Africa.  I think it's still "different" for me, because in America, the products carried by a semi are usually hidden INSIDE a container.

Usually the women here wear long, black abayas (full-body robe type clothing).  
 (Here's a group of 5 women headed to the market)
Because of that, this red Santa hoodie really made this lady stand out in the bread line one night.

 A truck, driving down the road, carrying material for dresses

There he goes!
Get your new, dust-covered material for your next holiday outfit right here!

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