Monday, April 27, 2009

Doin' the Dye

Our friend Jenny-Anne introduced Kylie to egg-dying in Mississippi when Kylie was two. I wish I had those pictures on my computer, but that was before I "did" digital. Dying eggs wasn't something my family did as an Easter tradition growing up.

In our family, growing up, we used to make Easter nests. They were grass "nests" that all three of us (my sister, brother, and I) would make with freshly picked grass and decorate with whatever wildflowers we could find. We, of course, left them on the back porch overnight. My mom would then fill these with tiny gifts and candy on Easter morning.

I remembered to let the girls decorate eggs in 2007 for the first time since Kylie was two. And I only undertook it because Caleb was taking a nap.

Anyway, I braved it again this year, with Caleb, and everything was so much easier with older kids. The girls felt so grown up in their Christmas aprons from Nana.

Caleb chilled out on the couch to watch a movie after all his hard work was done.

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