Monday, April 27, 2009

Photographing a 3 year old

The girls really like their picture taken, and Caleb says he does too, but I'm wondering why his face contorts to this smile that looks like it's being forced out of his head.

One Sunday morning we took some pictures and then again on Easter. I won't bore you with all the ones I took trying to get Caleb to look normal, but here are three.


lisasmith said...

Your kids are gorgeous...the perfect mix of Kat and Doug!! Exciting times!

Thomas said...

They are getting so big! The girls are beautiful and Caleb....well, he's still precious! The "smile" is just a boy thing, I think. Not sure they really ever outgrow it - haha!...Lisa

Anonymous said...

That last picture of the three of them makes me laugh! It's probably the most awkward picture ever because Caleb looks so goofy! :)

Love the "kung fu" pic in the blog header, by the way!