Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can you Guess?

I'm sure it will be difficult to guess, but can you tell what my favorite animal in Africa is?

We had the pleasure of taking Lynn and Jan to Murchison Falls game park for one night.
And since we had been there once before, we gave them "the roof."
We put a mattress on top of the vehicle, and they got lots of great pictures.

Did I mention I like giraffes?

We also we blessed to see three lions. One male (our first to see) and two young females.

The male recently was caught in a trap and the park authorities had to amputate his back, left leg. I guess that's why it was a little easier to spot him, although I'm sure there are more males in the park.

We also wanted to experience the Nile River cruise again, so off we went.
Since I showed you hippos and wildlife last time, this time I'll show you family.

Caleb got to drive the boat...again.

It's something about that blonde hair...and the fact that he's a boy.

On a rock, near the Falls.

Caleb was the only one on the boat close enough for me to get pictures of.
Everyone else was up front.

He told me he wore all his camouflage so the animals couldn't spot him, and if they did see him, they would think he was "army," and would be scared away.

He feels sure that his clothes kept us safe from all the Nile crocodiles.


Stevens Family said...

I'll post pictures of the wildlife here soon. We want you to be prepared when you arrive, lions, thats so quaint.

B Rivers said...

I love giraffes too and you have some fabulous pictures of them! And I love Caleb's comment about his shirt! What an all-american/african boy he is! :)