Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lottie Moon fundraiser

At our recent meeting in Kenya, the mission arranged for us to have a silent auction to raise money for the Lottie Moon offering which supports us and other missionaries on the field.

Items were gathered from rooms of some kids on the field (like used toys and books); some items were brought by the volunteers that came from America; and some of the items were purchased in Kenya, where you can find treats at many times during the year

It was such fun going in every day to see what people were bidding on.

Since I helped tally the bid totals at the end of the week, I took note of a few things that might surprise you.

Some of the bids were:

$170 for 2 bags of Fritos

$110 for 16 large Reeses

$38 for a Zip lock bag of shelled pecans

$102 for a Package of chips, taco seasoning, velveeta, and jalapeno peppers

$110 for Beef Jerky

$100 for a box of Lucky Charms and a box of Pop Tarts

and 4 Dr. Peppers went for $60

We all wanted to give to the offering anyway, but this was such a fun way to do it.

I tried hard to get those Fritos, but my dear friend kept out-bidding me. So, I admitted defeat and moved on.

I bought a birthday present for Karis at the auction: some used Littlest Pet Shop animals for $75. I don't know what Littlest Pet Shops go for in America, but since you can't get them here, I figure I got a good deal, right?

I also got a bag of those $40 pecans and some $10 Bacon Bits.

The next day, I asked the lady who was drinking one of her $15 Dr. Peppers how it was, and amazingly, she said it tasted the same as it does when it costs $1.00.

Go figure.

This was a fun activity for all of us, and a great idea for you to try at home with your church. I'll even send some African bead necklaces and bracelets if you want to add them to your auction.

You might find it difficult to get people living in America to pay these prices for simple grocery store items...but you could always try.

We took up an offering at the end of the week, and that amount, added to our silent auction, ended up at close to $40,000. Isn't God amazing?

The reason I was thinking about this offering, is that the Lottie Moon "Christmas" offering officially closes for this fiscal year on May 31st. We are anxiously awaiting to see the final tally.

But this also means that on June 1st, you can start praying about what you will give for the next year.

I think I'll go eat some pecans and dream about Fritos and start praying about it myself!

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The Spears Family said...

would have paid $40 or more for the pecans to have at Christmastime for treats. Jonathan would've paid for the Dr. Pepper and probably the Little Pet Shop toy thing because he's worried about the lack of 'girl stuff' at our house. Really.