Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter and the End

OK, so I just thought I was finished with Kenya pictures. It's kind of a shame too, because I need to move on to other stuff that's been happening, but these are important...
for the grandparents...
so hang tight.

We had our picture taken twice at our meeting, so I'm passing these on to the folks back home. Family pictures are a rarity these days.

Easter morning.

When you are just hanging out at a retreat center, there doesn't seem to be a need for a new Easter outfit, we are.

I'm not sure Caleb has ever done an Easter egg hunt to remember one, but the volunteers arranged for one this year, and he made a haul, since he was the oldest in his age group.

I still think it's amazing that volunteers from America would come and spend Easter in Africa, away from their families and home churches...amazing!

Kylie and Emily inspecting their goodies. The elementary kids decorated pillow cases during the week, so they used those for egg hunting on Sunday morning.

Daddy helped lead worship, and Caleb sat close to the drummer every night. He loved watching Gavin play, and Gavin was nice to let him help one time.

At the mall in Nairobi where we went to find REAL tortilla chips (not Tostitos, but a close third or fourth), this was one of the paths you could walk across.

There were other options, but this one was there, too.

I marvel at these things, because I know in America, someone would get sued the minute a kid fell into the water, even though he could have taken another path.

It was tough, too. My little ones wanted to do it, but daddy had to help them get from one sidewalk to the other.

And I thought I would "wrap" up our Kenya experience with this sign.

Seen any like this lately where you live?

Yes, my husband did have the ostrich burger.

And, folks, it was pretty tasty.


Billy & Joanna Coppedge said...

I love the family are beautiful people! Thanks for being here!!! We are grateful for your YESES to Jesus!

Brandy said...

Great family pics!

Last week Jackson "fell" into a fountain at a hotel/restaurant we were at for a team retreat.

Jamie said...

sporting the A&M gear all the way in Africa, I love it!