Sunday, May 15, 2011

Having/Being Guests & Dancing

We had some wonderful guests come to see us from southern Uganda.

Becky Miller was at our church in Louisiana, and I went on my first mission trip to Africa with her.

Timo, the boy with Caleb on his shoulders, was a new friend to us, and Henry, the one between me and Becky, was my translator when I came to Uganda in 2007. It was a sweet reunion for all of us!

Later that afternoon, Jack, my piki driver, had our whole family over for a meal. We walked to their home, had a lovely visit, and we met everyone on the compound.

THEN...later that night, the girls had their dance performance.

Meg, sadly left May 17th, so this was their last time together.

She fixed their hair.

We put make-up on the girls.

Our friend Sherry let us borrow her house for the night, and she made homemade ice cream for the performance.

It was a lovely evening!


Megan said...

oh they look so pretty, and it looks like such a worshipful dance! Good job girls, I'm so proud of you dancing for the Lord!

Brandy said...

I love your girls had this fun dancing opportunity. My little Sarala would love nothing more than to do some dancing--especially ballet. This encourages me to pray for creative ways the Lord might bring to us.