Sunday, April 22, 2012

A "good" Friday

On Passover/Good Friday, we had a fun task to do which we were excited about.  

A good friend of mine works for a radio station here in Arua, and every year she decorates eggs to hand out to all her employees.  This year the number was 300 eggs!

They are always so impressed.  Some of the people think she raises "special chickens" that produce these eggs ;)

The task seemed daunting...and then my three kids arrived.

They were knocking them out left and right.

Part of the beginning

It was quite a set-up

Taken from each end of the table...and there were still more elsewhere.

We finished in record surprise.

Then we had a good lunch and decided to go down to look at some of the crafts that were on display at the radio station.

Two men at the station go into the villages to collect crafts kids have made.  It helps show the kids they can do anything they put their mind to, and then it gives them the privilege of being "on display" somewhere.

Here is a SMALL sampling of what we saw.

LOVE the satellite dish :)
Talk about "using what you got..."

Well, the truth is...we didn't make it to the crafts so speedily.

We took a detour so I could show the kids and the two Fusion girls who were with us, the sound booths where all the "action" takes place at the radio.

While we were looking in the window of the studio a man came up and introduced himself and said he needed a child to read something on the radio for him.

Kylie really didn't want to do it, but I knew she could.

We walked in the room, and when he gave her the three pages of announcements to read, she gained some confidence.

She was reading nine different announcements about special service times for children to listen to the Easter message.

The grammar was off a bit in about three of them including the one below (like saying "As the church symbols" vs "As the church symbolizes") , so I helped correct the wording, and she did a great job reading.  She read them over and over until she got them, and I think she had fun.

The best part was listening during the kids' program on Saturday afternoon while we did chores around the house.  I heard her SEVEN different times.  One time, I was out hanging laundry on the line, and I heard her on the radio next door, which was on a different frequency.

Everyone listens to the radio here for their news.  Alice even came in Monday, and said, "I was trying to figure out how someone that sounded like Kylie was on the radio."

Another fun experience.

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Cara said...

Kylie's a celebrity! I sure did enjoy hearing her voice again! :)