Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well, it's been awhile.

I'm going to do a quick catch up for you (in pictures mostly) since Easter.

 It will be easier than trying to catch up in words.

 Well, I tried to take an official "Easter" picture, but with Caleb, things are just...interesting.

Here he is imitating his sisters' posing.

Then he decided to show his true colors.

Still being Caleb...

 Sadly, when he tried to just smile, he couldn't get it right.

Then the girls wanted their picture with Aslan
 I'm not a cat person, so this affection for the "rat killer" is amazing to me.  Aslan is pretty much just a rat trap/deterrent  for me, but I'm glad the kids like him SO much.

I'm being serious!  If you only knew how many times a day they tell me, "I love my kitty."

Later in the day, Kylie and I went with Abbie and Casey (two of the Fusion girls) to join a family celebrating Easter on a hilltop in Arua.

This is Dean
This is Agenda
Betty and Abbie with a beautiful background
Kylie and Casey
Dusk in Arua

And then, of course, I've told you about the Easter Monday goat roast we attended.
Here are the proud cooks with their "dish."

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David T. Ulrich said...

It's been about one year since we hung out with you guys! We still check your blog once in a while. I'm glad to read about what you're doing, and to see that your kids are keeping things vibrant.

David Ulrich