Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 1 Resting: Lake

Our sweet children fell so in love with the Fusion team that the goodbye was a hard moment for them (and me).

So...while we waited for our next team of two to come in, we took a small overnight vacation to Lake Victoria.  It was a great get-away, and a chance to get our minds off the sadness.

Looks like it's working

We went with some friends, and this is their daughter posing with our 3.


Beautiful Sunset


This fisherman is paddling with a shovel that he's been using to fill his boat with dirt.

Would any of you walk on top of this tent?


Nancy said...

What a great close up picture of you and Doug. Everyone looks great. I enjoyed the tent walking and shovel paddle pics too. My favorite pic that I took there was two men on a boda transporting 3 goats between them.

Brandy said...

ahhhhh. nice! glad you got a getaway. Love the pic in front of Africa. That's cool.