Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring & Fusion


Spring and Winter have arrived.  

That means the rains have started, but it's also the coldest part of the year.  Weird, huh?


There is new birth everywhere, including these twin goats that hang out on our road.

Apparently, their cuteness is irresistible. 

Caleb is still injuring himself every chance he can get.  I think he enjoys it.

I think the cooler weather got the kids in the mood for a sleepover.  I just don't understand why they would all three want to sleep on ONE mattress, but they had a good time, and this wasn't the last one.

I have been remiss in not posting pictures of Fusion.  Let me introduce you to them (now that they are gone....sorry)

 The four girls:  (L to R)  Leigha, Dara, Casey, and Abbie



Leigha's 20th birthday (minus Brett who was sick with malaria and not feeling well)

We spent the most time with the girls because they were in Arua more.  Brandon and James spent a month in Congo; and Joe, Will, Brett, and Blake spent a month in different parts of South Sudan.

 This one below was taken their first week here in January.

We took this one below the last day before getting on the bus to go eat and head to the airport at the end of their four months.

L to R:  Will, James, Doug, Leigha, Joe, Karis, Dara, Caleb, Brett, Casey, Kylie, Blake, Abbie, Brandon, and Kat

Facial and head hair, weight, likes and dislikes changed over these short months.  They were adventurous and tried many things, caught (and sometimes ate) many different types of animals, learned to cook, walked hundreds of miles, sat for hours with nationals, hosted a goat roast for about 50 people, learned how to find true strength in the Lord, and grew tremendously.

At the end of our time together, Doug asked, "I already know the answer to this question, but did any of you grow over the last four months?"

There was some silence, and then our Karis said, "I'd say I definitely grew about half an inch."

Our last dinner together on the beach of Lake Victoria.

Bye Fusion.  We won't forget your time here and the joy you brought to us and to many people in Arua.

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