Saturday, May 26, 2012


 We were recently at a friend's house who has a very large solar power system. 

She had nightlights plugged into her walls. 

Because her system is so large, that kind of constant power drain will not affect her system.

It's only been two years since we lived in a house with nightlights, but when Kylie saw them at this friend's house, she said, "What are those?"

I said, "Those are nightlights.  Do you not remember them?"

She said she didn't.

Here is OUR version of nightlights.

My dad sent me some yard lights from America, and every morning we take them outside to charge them.


In case you have forgotten, this is a picture of the solar panels on our house, which "get the sun" (technical, right?) and charge the batteries that you see below.

This is a plug in my kitchen, and the light on the left comes on when the town power is on.  This is the only way we know that we can turn on our hot water heaters.  Our solar system is not strong enough to have "heating elements" hooked up to it like hot water heaters, irons, toasters, etc.

Back to the nightlights.  

During the afternoon, we turn the "nightlights" to the West to catch the end of the sun for the day.  

One broke but it still works.  

These lights go in each bathroom, one in the hall, and one in the kids' room.  It's a perfect solution for us, and therefore, Kylie doesn't remember what a nightlight is.

A couple of more funnies that you might appreciate:

* My children collect coins and bills from all the countries that we visit, and I recently saw U.S. coins in their foreign currency collection.

* A friend here told me that her father was sick.  I said, "What is wrong with him?"
She said, "They said he's dog sick (rabies), but I don't think so because he has not been biting with the dog."

(Some things are definitely lost in translation.)


Brandy said...

Love the night lights!!!

addiebaby said...

So funny to think Kylie doesn't remember what nightlights are! Thanks for blogging! I love to catch up on ur life!! Love y'all!