Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 2 resting: Horses

The morning we were leaving, we took advantage of our "free" 20 minute horse ride, which must have included the fitting of helmets and the saddling of horses, because the kids were only on them about 10 minutes.  Ahhh, Uganda!

Some of you saw these on the newsletter, and I'm sure you were thinking, "How did they allow them to ride horses in open-toed shoes?  Better yet, Flip flops?!"


The journey they took was so short, I could follow them around, pretty easily.

Like I said...10 minutes.

Their horses back in their stalls....

 The enjoyed it so much, but I wish it could have been a more "real" experience.  I'm going to have to talk J. Rutledge  or someone into saddling up some horses for these kids when we get back to Texas.

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