Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Praises and Prayer requests at the Prison


On March 22, at the prison, we talked about all the sins of the world, past, present, and future, being put upon Jesus on the cross.  And when I asked them why God had turned His back on Jesus on the cross, the women did not know why.

It was another great week of discussion.  Some of these women are really thinking about the truths they are hearing and the seriousness of sin.

Even though a few women had been released the last week, there were two new women.  "A1" was very quiet, but the other one, "A2," shared that not only is she in prison, but one of her sons was on the men’s side.  Her second son was dead, and her last born is in P7 (6th grade) and living at home alone.

There are so many stories like that.  I hope things like this don’t happen in America, but I’m sure they do.

*  "P" delivered the week I was gone to Kampala.  Florence and I didn’t even know she was pregnant.

*  Another one is pregnant, and we are taking her a Maama Kit when we return next week.

The new, quiet one, "A1," and "F," whom we prayed for because of her bad dreams two weeks ago, say that whenever they hear the Word of God, it makes them want to cry.  I think God is working on their hearts, and I told them so.  Pray for them to hear exactly what HE wants them to hear.

*  One of the ladies who is always angry and wearing a chip on her shoulder, said she wanted to give thanks to God for protection while she has been in prison.  Her sentence is over next month. 

*  "M" who has a vibrant personality,  said she was so scared when she was given her three year conviction, but with four months left, she also gave God thanks for His protection.

We listened to many prayer requests for children, mothers, brothers, etc, and Florence said, "Aren't any of you going to ask for prayers for your husbands?"  There was much laughter.

"S" said her dead child's spirit visits her, and she asked for prayers.

Many of the women talked about the Wizards that walk around at night and turn into animals.  They say they hear them, and they would like us to pray against them.  

As you can see, there is still a spiritual battle going on here, but I really do see things changing for the better, little by little.

If nothing else, the Truth is brought to them on an almost weekly basis.

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Nancy said...

Kathryn, your diligence in this ministry is so inspiring! Perhaps it is the difference in the way a woman reports on ministry, but something tells me there is more going on at that prison than in the reported stats that I read in other missionary's reports.