Thursday, March 29, 2012

Because of Easter? Really?

So Doug was gone for a little over a week to Congo, and the kids and I fared pretty well.

Doug’s second night away, our guard Jeremiah was back for his VERY FIRST night on the job since his foot accident.  Patrick had a funeral to go to, so Jeremiah filled in.  He still can’t ride his bike, so he walked to our house for the night watch.  He lives quite a few miles out in a village, so I couldn’t believe it when he showed up walking on his recently injured foot.

I told him that on Sunday morning, I would be up early to call him a boda (motorcycle taxi) so he could get home for church.  He looked grateful.  At 7:30am, I called the taxi, and then I went out to tell him.

He was not ready to go.  He said he needed some pliers because some thieves had tried to break into our compound the night before and he needed to repair the fence.

"Oh.  Really?"

I told him he could wait until he returned that evening, but he said, “No.”  (And secretly, I was so thankful).

The thieves had cut through our neighbors fence, who really don’t care too much about safety, and they leave their gate open all night.  And then the thieves walked over to our fence, and cut it all the way down.

It was around 3am, and Jeremiah heard our dog, Lee, barking down by the latrine.  I’m not sure Jeremiah ever saw who was there.  I think Lee had them scared and running by then. 

That dog deserves a steak!

When I came back with two pairs of pliers, Jeremiah had a spool of wire to re-wire the chainlink fence back together, and some friends.

All the neighborhood watchmen, whom we love, were there to help him.

Kylie watching them inspect the damage

Sunday, Geoffrey, and Joel were already helping Jeremiah when Jack pulled up on the boda to take Jeremiah home.  I told Jack what they were doing and he would have to wait a bit, and then next thing you know, Jack was helping, too.

The sight made me smile, so I took a picture of these guys who care so much.

From left:  Sunday, Joel, Geoffrey, Jack, and Jeremiah.  Pulling the barb wire tighter and re-attaching it.

When Alice found out, she said, “There are many thieves around.  They are breaking in everywhere, because it is so close to Easter.”

She said it so matter of factly, but I wanted to say so badly, “You mean to say, to celebrate my Savior dying and rising from the dead, these thieves find it necessary to steal so they can get money to buy meat and new clothing for Easter?”

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking somebody’s missing out on the “reason for the season.”

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