Friday, March 2, 2012

A few days combined

Well, here's one way to "catch up" on blogging.  

Reduce and combine.

February 9, 2012  “Addressing”

Doug was in town in the car, so he dropped Florence and I off today at the prison.  We didn’t see any prisoners, so Doug said he would wait until he saw that we were in. 

We saw a guard outside, and she told us the prisoners were “dressing” over at the men’s prison.  

We got back in the car, and I told Doug, I guess the ladies are trying on new uniforms because the guard said they are "dressing."

Florence said, “No.  She said, ‘Addressing.’”

It reminded me of Martyr’sDay all over again.

February 16, 2012

We told more stories today about the teachings and power of Jesus.  They answered my questions, but they had none of their own.  I think they were burdened with prayer requests and concersn.

The prayer requests were heavy: 
*dead relatives
*dead spirits visiting them in prison
*dreams of husband beating her children who are back home
*crying because she doesn’t know who is taking care of her children
*the judge has not shown up for any court dates in over three months
*wants revenge on her enemies
*dreamed her two children were nailed to a cross
*children sick at home

February 24, 2012

Today started off very subdued.  They told us since it was Lent, they were “feeling it with Jesus,” so they would not dance or play drums while they sang.  It was so sad sounding.

I wanted them to celebrate because Jesus is Alive, but alas, it sounded like we were at a funeral.

We talked about the demon-possessed man today (Mark 5:1-20).  I could tell a point of interest when a woman asked, “Did the demons really leave when Jesus told them to?”

The ladies enjoyed the discussion over the pigs.  One lady from another faith said, “We don’t eat pig meat because Jesus sent the demons in them and made them unclean.”  Florence said, “If you believe Jesus had the power to send the demons into the pigs, why don’t you believe in Jesus?”

The ladies thought that was funny, and they laughed and clapped.

When they got quiet again, I told them that the Bible says it’s not what goes in you that makes you unclean.  It’s what comes out of you (Matthew 15:11)...actions, words, etc.

They clapped, and said they really liked that, too.  Then the lady who started the conversation said, “I have facts.  Now I can eat pig!”

When the discussion was over, there was immediate sadness and downcast looks over the whole room.  Florence asked the ladies, “Why are you so sad today?  Some of you look angry, and some of you so beaten down.  Is it the heat?  Your health?  Your families?”

One lady spoke for them all:

“We’re sad because we’re in prison!”

Oh, how they need the freedom of Christ!

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