Monday, March 26, 2012

Prison Praises

When we visited the prison on March 8 and March 22, so many women had been released.  Your prayers are helping these women.   I miss them, but I am SO glad they are free from those walls.

Also, on March 8, Florence talked to them about the denomination whose pastor told them to play no music until Easter.  She assured them that in that very church, every Sunday, they played instruments and sang, even during Lent.

The women had a long discussion between themselves.  It only got a little heated, and the next thing I knew, they had pulled out the three drums, the shakers, and EVERY single person was dancing and jumping as we sang.  Music really can bring joy to the soul.

I had visitors from southern Uganda with me that day, and they told me they could even feel how joyful these women were and what a wonderful time of worship and celebration they had had with these women.

Other praises:

*  One woman who had told us her file had been "lost," so she had no way to get out, informed us that her file was "found."  Interesting, huh?

Several more have "lost" files we are praying for.  You can pray, too, for them to be "found."  (I'm sure money will have to be involved somewhere).

*  They are so appreciative of the white T-shirts from that middle school in Arkansas because they have something clean to wear when they go to court.

*  I was walking through a neighbor's yard last week for a short-cut, and I saw a face that I recognized, but I had never seen her at this house before.  She recognized me and smiled, and when I saw the smile, I knew I was seeing Irene from the prison.  She's out.  She has a long hair weave now, and she's my neighbor.  Fun, huh?

*  One lady, "F," confessed two weeks ago that she was dreaming some awful dreams and hadn't slept in three days.  Since some young people read this blog, I will just say that her dreams involved her and dogs.  Enough said.   My friends from the south, prayed over her in Jesus' name, and she has since told us that since we prayed, she has been sleeping fine.  Praise Jesus!

I missed going to the prison on the 15th, because I was in Kampala.

That is a story for another blog.

Thanks for keeping these women in your prayers.  They are so thankful!

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